Happy New Year from Russia 2021 Awards

Mission is completed! Our fantastic club member HA7GSZ Szarvas Gábor completed all 7 Awards of the "Happy New Year from Russia 2021" Good job, thanks!




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TOP 10 DX OF THE YEAR Contest in the Japanese PROPAGATION magazine

"Thanks to Mr. Sakaé Obara, an article about "TOP 10 DX OF THE YEAR" contest was published in the "PROPAGATION" magazine. The initial part of Mr. Obara article is about the contest rules, then followed by his previous entry in 2018 and the latest entry for 2019, showing his log.

Totsuka DXer's Circle (TDXC), a local SWL/MWL/DXing club in Yokohama Japan, has published a 200 pages annual club magazine. This is the 8th edition as TDXC has published once a year since 2013. The magazine is written in Japanese in most pages, but there are so many pictures that give you idea how they enjoy the hobby. Some pages are written in English.

The magazine is now downloadable in PDF format for free to EVERYBODY! (Link below)

Mr. Sakaé Obara has a very interesting blog: SHOPTWAVE LISTENING SOUND CLIPS. (Link below)

Thank you very much for promoting our contest!



All Asian DX Contest 2019

Top DX Radioclub HA5TOP wining 1st in Hungary

Club trip to Bletchley Park


New Award

Master of Radio Communications

European Region

Mr. Magdiel Cruz Rodriguez interview on the Mexican government television channel

"Dear friends this is me with my Top 10 DX of the year contest t-shirt during the National DX Meeting 2019 in Mexico. Interview from local and gubernamental radio-tv channel, with others mexicans radiofriends. Please share any comment about our radio hobby. Thanks. 73 " (Magdiel Cruz Rodriguez)

Thank you Magdiel for this huge honor for the Top DX Radioclub!


Going places, remotely!

An amazing article about Jose Jacob and our contest, in the Telangana Today, Hyderabad news


The certificates arrive...

Our contestants, who honor us by sending a picture.

Roka the supervisor

TOP 10 DX OF THE YEAR 2018 Awards

December 2018 contest

Certificates are printed, verified, t-shirts are done, and all packed. Will be sent this week.

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ISWL IOTA Contest 2018

The winner is HA5TOP

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RSGB IOTA Contest 2018

World 12th in the section

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New Award

QRZ World Radio Friendship Award

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Because we deserve it...

After 2 years the ARRL finished the ratings...

No comment...

New Award

QRZ - Grid Squared

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Austria can be proud...

Austria can be proud of Mr. PATRICK ROBIC. This is his trophy in the "TOP 10 DX OF THE YEAR 2017" contest. Congratulations! #top10dxoftheyear

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John P. Cooper

John P. Cooper

Contest certificate

John P. Cooper has already put up his certificate, which was given for the fine third place, on the wall of his well-ordered radio shack (a swell place) and it is a great honour to us. Thank you.

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TOP 10 DX OF THE YEAR 2017 - Contest results

Name Country Score Best DX
# 1 Patrick Robic Austria 6567565675 18106
# 2 Dick King England 38466 18621
# 3 John P. Cooper USA 13669 4509
# 4 Martin Herrera Jimenez Mexico 12911 7523
# 5 Rafael Orlando Rodríguez Colombia 10573 4348
# 6 László Budai Hungary 6672 4236
# 7 Sekar P. S. India 4145 1438
# 8 Andy Middleton England 2608 969
# 9 Garrett Kennedy Paraguay 813 199
# 10 Jose Jacob India 797 238
# 11 Veit Pelinski Germany 338 142


The evaluation of the logs of the first "TOP 10 DX OF THE YEAR" has already been done. The content of the logs is treated as "trade secret" of the participants because of the followings: if we published the details all the participants would search for the winner's transmitters during next year's contest. Therefor only the QTH could determine the order which bases on luck actually. This contest is not gambling: it is really important for us that the order is determined by knowledge and skills. Finding the highest ranking transmitters is also the part of this. Of course all participants get the detailed evaluation of his own log. The chart called summarized results contains a column ("Best DX") where the highest ranking reception of the participants can be found.

The winner of the contest is Mr. Patrick Robic who mastered the most points by receiving excellent DXs.

The second place is taken by Mr. Dick King, he achieved the highest ranking DX reception of the contest.

The printed certificates are posted as registered mail to the given addresses within a few days. Thank you very much for participating and sending countless messages which proved that this diverse contest is also enjoyable for others not only for us. We will be expecting you again in December for TOP 10 DX OF THE YEAR 2018.

On the other hand to keep our followers, participants, those who are interested, etc. busy we are currently working hard on our Broadcast SWL award program.

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Contest result

Scandinavian Activity Contest 2017

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New Award

QRZ - Continents of the World

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"A gép forog, az alkotók pihennek!"

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Friedrichshafen HAM RADIO avagy: A kolbásztól az Enigmáig

Visit at the biggest HAM jamboree. There are everything from the Wurst to the Enigma.

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Transilvania DXpedition

Broadcast SWL expedition in Ége (Ighiu) village (Transilvania, Romania) Very quiet and noise free place, there are also amazing foods and friendly people (and some hungry bears). 92 reception with lot of rare stations, 65 DXCC, 85 TX site in 5 days.
RIG: Panasonic DR49 receiver, Panasonic RD9820 antenna matcher, and 100 meter long wire antenna.
You can download below the reception LOG (in Excell format), the Target map (in Google Earth "kmz" file) and you can see more photos on our Facebook page.


Erdélyi "broadcast" RH megfigyelő kitelepülés Ége (Ighiu) faluba. Teljesen zajmentes környezet, pompás kajákkal és nagyon barátságos emberekkel valamint éhes medvékkel. 92 állomás, 65 DXCC, 85 adótorony 5 nap alatt.
RIG: Panasonic DR49 vevő, Panasonic RD9820 antennacsatoló, és 100 méter drót antennaként a gyümölcsfákra akasztva.
A LOG (Excell fájlban) és a térkép (Google Earth "kmz" fájlban) letölthető alább, további képek Facebook oldalunkon tekinthetők meg.

Reception LOG
Target map
More photos

Public erection ;-)

Készül a forgatható antenna.

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We are sooo proud of us!

2016 IARU HF World Championsip III. helyezés.

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CQ WW SSB 2016

SO HP 80M Magyarország II. helyezés. Az érdem HA5UA Lacit illeti!

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Museum visit

Látogatás a Magyar Híradó Múzeumban.

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Result of IARU HF Championship 2016

Amit tudtunk, megtettük...

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Preparation of our first contest

Felkészülés az első versenyünkre
IARU HF Championship

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We have got our first licence

Megkaptuk az első licenszünket és a HA5TOP hívójelet.

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